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SUROCK - “Broccoli” (ft. Blu)

First Single off the EP ‘Fuck You Very Much’ Slated to drop in December.


INNOCENT? - “International” (ft. Nitty Scott MC & Mugga Boy) [prod. by CoolFD]

This new single comes off of Innocent?’s recent double album release Love It Or Hate It. Out Now! Featuring: Sean Price, Roc Marciano, Tek & Steele, Nitty Scott MC, Megadon, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Mic Handz, Rustee Juxx & More… http://cdbaby.com/cd/innocent4.

Directed by Donald Robinson Cole, this video is a creative visual that captures the vibe of getting away to places you haven’t been, all in one song. Innocent/ continues to deliver that new school hiphop with that old school feel!


(Source: youtube.com)

THE HIGH LEARYS - “Clear My Mind”

The High Learys are a four piece beat band from Perth, consisting of founding members Jamie Turner (lead vocals/bass), Michael Nutt (organ/harmonica/vocals), Matt Williams (lead guitar) and Adrian MacMillan (drums). Well known for a 50’s the 60’s sound, their music and band image are inspired by the British Invasion from the 1960s and Mod Culture.

The High Learys single ‘Clear My Mind’ is the boys’ latest offering. Recorded in August 2014 at Poons Head Studios in Fremantle, Western Australia with Producer Rob Grant, the song embodies a retro sound that recalls the pop-rock greats of the British Invasion, complete with raw vocals and jangly pop-rock instrumentation. Recording took two weeks in total, with the band taking more time experimenting with different sounds and recording techniques, including using instruments such as a Harpsichord, Mellotron Flute Acoustic Guitar and Piano during the sessions. The band also experimented with different recording techniques such as Flanging and Reverse tape effects.

“Clear My Mind” by THE HIGH LEARYS will be released 7th November 2014.


Upcoming Shows:
In November/December 2014, the band will embark on their next European Tour where they’ll be playing a number of shows in Germany, Spain and the UK.

Al’Tarba - “My Vicious Side” (ft. Bekay & Dj Nix’on)

As Bekay prepares to drop what he is calling “Some of the best music I’ve ever done in my life” in the from of his long awaited LP “Survivorman”, we get a leak of his alter ego “The Horror Flick” on this banger. Bekay has teamed up with largely respected producer Al’Tarba out of France, to create the hard hitting song “My Vicious Side”. This is raw, grimy, gritty, and every other word you can use to describe the word of the streets in it’s purest form. This joint is what true Bekay fans thirst for, no filters, zero censorship…….just raw spitting. The cuts by Dj Nixon are a perfect match and display top tier talent. The song is featured on Al’Tarba’s producer album properly titled “Let The Ghosts Sing”, and is available on iTunes now. Be on the look out for “SURVIVORMAN” set to drop January 2015 which features Keith Murray, Kool G Rap, Tragedy Khadafi, Nems, Chris Webby, Diabolic and more! https://twitter.com/TheRealBekay

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Our good friend J57 just released a beat tape to keep his fans happy as he works on more projects for 2015.



Uzi - Crank Up The Volume (Prod. by Markilla Beats)

Be sure to check out the lyric video here - www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVdr6J4PL7g

“Crank Up The Volume” contains the type of self reflection one would expect to hear from anyone who is as addicted to turning up as Uzi. Within “Crank Up The Volume”, Uzi weaves through each verse with a rubbery flow while detailing his wild persona. Markilla Beats laces “Crank Up The Volume” with an upbeat backdrop that consists of a myriad of bouncy synths and a drum line that’s sure to get bodies moving. Look out for “Riot Control” coming soon #RiotControl #FloridasFinest


Uzi - Riot Control (The Intro) (Prod. by Markilla Beats)

Be sure to check out the first official visual from “Riot Control” right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRxxlFoGj8o

“Riot Control” finds its titular track serving as a proper introduction to its sonically rambunctious but lyrically deft soundscape. Uzi introduces himself as an atypical Floridian emcee battling to nullify any preconceived notion of what most may expect to hear from the bottom of the map. Armed with an energetic, off-kilter flow, Uzi proceeds to separate himself from his peers in his home state with the aim to bring a different light to the sunshine state. Markilla Beats handles all the production duties here and provides a cinematic platform that transforms into a booming bass line driven by the right blend of percussion and chopped samples to give an anthem like feel.


TeamerTibebu - “Cold Blooded” (ft. Tone Jonez) [Prod. Tone Jonez]

Teamer Tibebu is back again with another track. This time around, he has a considerably less explicit song for you all in contrast to his last single “Fvck Btchs”. In “Cold Blooded” he speaks on a myriad of topics: he address people who use the harshness of the world as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for their lives, he speaks on himself as well and how he uses alcohol to deal with his problems, and he speaks on the cold blooded individuals who’s sole mission it is for others to be miserable.


Verse 1:

If I die tonight, will my death inspire the weak and tired
To turn a new leaf and build empires
Or will they be complacent, with the placement they’ve been placed in
And blame the heavens and THE MAN for what they’re facing
My generation’s been pacing insouciantly
Patiently waiting, dubiously, for you to see
For you to be, who you were supposed to be, crafted beautifully, you and me, individually maintain our unity
Maintain my sanity by candidly compounding vocabulary
This closet with this mic is my sanctuary
I feel at peace when im in the stu (x2)
But when my world starts tumbling down, I stumble round
And guzzle down, that downer I purchased from around
The corner, feeling less than content, with what I found
As I peer inside the soul of the world and nothings found

Verse 2:

I’m prone to epilepsy, so I can SEIZE up at any moment
I fear for my life if the BLOODS pick up on it
So I seize the moment, yelling Carpe diem till my per diem per my request fills a coliseum
I can kinda see em they’re fading in my rear view
But sound, dissipates at that distance, so I can’t hear you
No I don’t fear you, it’s clear you, don’t understand my point of view,
I’m so far ahead of you I’m near you
All that hatred in your blood has frozen up your heart
Thus forming stalactites, I’m turn which you use as darts
You would stab me in the back but you ain’t close enough
That buffer that I’ve built between the both of us is just enough
, I don’t understand the hatred
Rosetta stone is I’ll equipped to fiddle with that language
So as you anguish and languish right by your misery
Just look at me and understand I’m doing what was meant for me

J. DiMe - “Breath of Fresh Air”

Antioch Emcee J. DiMe’s first mixtape ‘Breath of Fresh Air’

All production by O

The Broken Record 2014

Download ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ for Free at jdime.com



Coming out of Los Angeles, Leland is an outstanding singer that we’ve never heard of before and we are scratching our heads trying to figure out WHY NOT!!!

It a mix of Electronic Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Great Chords and just straight up lyrics.

In essence, the overall tone of the track sounds like a lost classic from Prince’s archive and trust us..that is not a bad thing at all!

The song is so sexy, and yet it sounds like the lyrics are very symbolic, personal, and somewhat triumphant. ITS JUST FRESH!!!