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Coming out of Los Angeles, Leland is an outstanding singer that we’ve never heard of before and we are scratching our heads trying to figure out WHY NOT!!!

It a mix of Electronic Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Great Chords and just straight up lyrics.

In essence, the overall tone of the track sounds like a lost classic from Prince’s archive and trust us..that is not a bad thing at all!

The song is so sexy, and yet it sounds like the lyrics are very symbolic, personal, and somewhat triumphant. ITS JUST FRESH!!!

Watch Sway’s Artist, G.L.A.M. - “Roll Up”

Sway launched his new Management and Entertainment company, OverDeliver Ent. and signed Oakland’s very own, G.L.A.M.

Watch her video for “Roll Up” above and head over to her YouTube for more videos.





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Grafh - “New York $hxt” (ft. Murda Mook)

New single off the 88 Crack Era Mixtape produced by Ted Smooth feat. Murda Mook.


Eddie Wilson - “Save My Soul” [Rough Draft Snippet]

ForDaFresh crew member and one of Chicago’s illest MCs continues to drop Pre Studio Recorded snippets of his upcoming “Therapy Sessions” project. This time he links up with Beats By Bishop for a track that offers insight of of Eddie Wilson deals with issues, by writing his heart out!


KiD SEAN - “Electron” (ft. Kev KiLL)

The official music video for Kid Sean - Electron Ft. Kev Kill produced by Keith Science Follow: @kidseann @KevKiLL_YK @Keith_Science

Video Shot and Edited by: @DroidDaughter and Dan Brennan

Kid Sean is becoming a well known artist in the tri-state area. His work is non-stop, as he battles on to the throne of the under-ground world. Check out the video for his new single off of his album Bona Fide. Download it for free here: http://www.datpiff.com/KiD-SEAN-Bona-Fide-mixtape.620193.html


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T2 The Ghetto Hippie - Listen

Nothing needs to be said. Just Listen.

Directed by B - LUCE and The Cloud Riders
Produced by Trakksounds




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Uzi - “I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up” (Prod. by Legal Money Beatz)

“I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up” stands as the third official release from Uzi’s upcoming project, “Riot Control”. Within “I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up”, the always energetic Uzi finds solace with America’s favorite, albeit temporary, departure from sobriety – alcohol. Uzi navigates through concise verses with his signature frenetic flow detailing the gripes of a blue collar worker lifestyle. These grievances are reduced to mere afterthoughts once the liquor is poured and the party is started since nothing else matters but having a wild time. Legal Money Beatz provides another monster backdrop, this time driven by a stellar Starfox sample and a thumping 808 kick drum. The combination of a sharp violin joined by classical keys and mixed brass presence provide the perfect blend of turmoil to turn any function up a notch. This is a playlist must have for anyone’s next drunken shindig.

Be sure to check out the first official visual from “Riot Control” right here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRxxlFoGj8o


JseLvs - “Gunz ‘n’ Roses” (A Story About Dreams)

Gunz ’n’ Roses; ”It is about killing your fears to save your dreams”. Some people are dream chasers, some people are dream catchers, and some people are dream killers. Use your guns to get your roses or let your fear of failure kill your dreams and watch them push up roses.

The song is produced by Chicago legends Bantog & Artek606, Video directed and shot by Penguin ice productions (Logan Meis).

Site: http://www.jesselives.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Jesselives

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JesseEffinLivesMusic

Instagram: http://instagram.com/jselvs

Tumblr: http://Jesselives.tumblr.com

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Young Corp - “Pass The Ball”

DGainz unleashes his Young Corp Crew with there new hit single “Pass The Ball” produced by @DGainzBeats.

A group of young positive actors, models, artist and entrepreneurs being mentored under DGainz Productions Inc, VEN Enstertainment, and D/G Film brand, unleashes there new hit single “Pass The Ball” produced by @DGainzBeats. Instagram Links: http://www.instagram.com/kingcaesarws http://instagram.com/berkeleyclayborne http://www.instagram.com/youngcorp_ Twitter Links: http://www.twitter.com/youngcorp_


King K.O.N.G. & Teck-Zilla - ‘KongZilla’ (EP Stream)

King Kong and Godzilla: two of the most famous, yet misunderstood, movie monsters of our time. While the two behemoths may have squared off against each other in the past, their combined efforts could have led them to defeat the government and rule the world. But what if their was a hybrid beast—one that had the animalistic nature of the Skull Island ape and the terrifying command of the Toho reptile? King K.O.N.G. and Teck-Zilla, two equally talented beasts on the mic and on the beats, respectively, have teamed up to destroy all those who stand in their path. Their united talents have led to ‘KongZilla,’ the 9-track onslaught that’ll decimate any wack rappers in their path.   

The EP brings together the best raps of the Long Island emcee, coupled with the Nigerian-born beatsmith. Sonically, the project serves up a series of fresh tracks that show the inner workings of the very monster they’ve become. With joints like the hard-hitting, “The Bringer” and the introspective, gloomy jam “Break of Day,” we get a full understanding of our antiheroes. So whether you’ve already been introduced to the duo, or have just tuned in, King K.O.N.G. and Teck-Zilla’s ‘KongZilla’ is now available for free download.. you’ve been warned.

1. The Rise
2. The Bringer (feat. Sonyae)
3. All Kosher (feat. AVN)
4. Super Rock
5. The Reign
6. Games feat. AVN
7. Recon dark
8. Break Of Day
9. The Return

• All Tracks Produced by Teck-Zilla
• Recording Engineer: Josh Karp
• Vocals Recorded At Twisted By design records
• Mixed and Mastered at Chocolate City Studios
• Additional Vocals By AVN and Sonyae

• King K.O.N.G: KingtheKong.com
• Teck-Zilla: https://twitter.com/projektcancer