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Caramel Kitten - “Im a twerker” (Im a stoner remake)

Caramel Kitten’s funny new parody “Im a twerker” buy song on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-a-twerker-single/id877741266

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Ice-T - Home Invasion [track 16] - “99 Problems”

The Story of How Jay-Z Ended Up Reworking one of Ice-T’s Tracks from the Infamous Home Invasion Album:

From Yahoo News:
If you’ve been listening to the new Body Count album Manslaughter and wondering why the punk metal band included not one, but two versions of the Jay-Z hit “99 Problems,” well, frontman Ice-T feels bad for you, son.

“That’s my record!” exclaimed the nearly six-foot-tall, muscle-rippled vocalist, who included “99 Problems” on his 1992 rap album Home Invasion 11 years before Jay-Z changed most of the lyrics and revamped it into a worldwide hit. “I wrote that with Brother Marquis. Then Chris Rock, who’s a big fan of mine, took it to Rick Rubin and said, ‘I think Jay-Z should remake this record.’”

While Jay-Z secured the necessary publishing rights from Warner Bros. to legally rework the song, he included Ice’s shout-out “hit me!” and the main hook, “I got 99 problems but a b—— ain’t one.” Even so, he didn’t give Ice-T props for writing the original. “I can’t say he stole it,” Ice-T told Yahoo Music. “He just did it and nobody said anything, so I didn’t really take it as a dis. It’s just one of those things.”

During Body Count rehearsals, Ice-T’s bandmates – lead guitarist Ernie C, guitarist Juan of the Dead, bassist Vincent Price, and drummer Ill Will – started breaking out “99 Problems” as a joke. At first, it was only a few riffs, then the song developed a new life. “I would f—k around and sing the original words, and suddenly everyone who knows Jay’s version went, ‘Yo, now the song makes sense because you’re singing about a bunch of women. We never understood what Jay-Z was singing about.’ When it came time to do the new album we said, ‘Let’s just throw it on there because it’s cool.’”

It was also an experiment of sorts to see how many fans and jounalists were familiar with Ice-T’s old rap catalog. “We definitely did it as a booby trap to catch people who don’t know that it’s not Jay-Z’s song,” said Ice. “So when they ask, ‘Why’d Ice-T put Jay’s song on there?’ Somebody can slap the s—t out of them.”


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Darren Jackson - “MIDWESTSIDE” (ft Chris Grindz)

Once you listen to this track, I think it will be unanimous, this will undoubtedly become the ANTHEM for the ENTIRE MIDWEST!! No joke, I can already see this being played in the background of a Mazda commercial or something!!

Listen and download Darren Jackson’s latest single “MIDWESTSIDE” ft Chris Grindz & produced by Grammy Award winning producer J.R.

"MIDWESTSIDE" shares the stories of many in the Midwest. From the city, suburbs, to the countryside, with your support "MIDWESTSIDE" is sure to be an anthem this summer!

Darren Jackson. ®2014 Edge Life Records.


HUBBS x GIT - ZOO (Prod. Git Beats)

BBE/Yoruba Records producer Git and Pittsburgh artist Hubbs return with their 1st Single off there up and coming project to be released soon.The Piece of Mind LP is available via iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/piece-of-mind/id804866365. Follow @gitbeats @itsHubbs

CHECK OUT: Hubbs & Kool Keith freestyle on @RapIsOuttaCntrl with DJ ECLIPSE hip hop Nation SIRIUS/XM Radio


ALSO CHECK OUT: Git & Hubbs NYU 89.1 (The Half Time Show) With DJ DJ ECLIPSE

http://wnyu.org/2014-07-23_halftimeshow Git: http://twitter.com/gitbeats http://instagram.com/gitbeats http://gitbeats.bandcamp.com/ http://youtube.com/user/https://www.youtube.com/gitbeats http://gitbeats.com/ http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=572363095 Hubbs: https://twitter.com/itsHubbs https://soundcloud.com/itshubbs

Joey Bada$$ - “Big Poppa $wank [snippet]” (Prod. by J57)

The homeis over at Platformz just sent us the link for the track that J57 produced on the homie Joey’s debut album “B4.DA.$$”

Statik Selektah played it on ShowOff Radio/Shade45!



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Busta Rhymes - Calm Down 2.0

Available on iTunes: smarturl.it/CalmDown2.0

The version with Eminem is Sick!! But Its Just as Sick Without Em!!


Twista - Resurrection (Rare Album)

Resurrection is the second studio album by Chicago rapper Twista, who had released his first album under the name Tung Twista. Along with the name and label change, the rapper slowed his flow slightly and deepened his voice; he also took to darker, rougher production, provided by his then-DJ, DJ-I.C. Dre. Though the album was released only in Chicago, possibly due to marketing conflicts with fellow Chicago rapper Common's own successful and similarly titled sophomore effort Resurrection, released exactly a week later—it served as a template for Twista’s seminal Adrenaline Rush, released three years later. This album is somewhat famous for the song “Suicide”, which takes shot at group Naughty by Nature (It was a response for the group, after they stated that Twista’s fast rap style was all show and a gimmick). Many people think Twista won the beef, because of this particular song.



Track listing

  1. "Da Resurrection" (Intro)
  2. "Suicide" (Remix)
  3. "Anomosity Kills"
  4. "Street Paranoia"
  5. "Re-act With a Mic" (feat. Dres)
  6. "Scat Like Dat"
  7. "Return"
  8. "Dirt on the Down Low"
  9. "Shadow Boxin’"
  10. "All About the Papes"
  11. "One Shot, One Kill" (feat. B-Hype, Speedknot Mobstaz)
  12. "Suicide" (Original Version)

Jon Connor - “Take Off”

(Produced By Mr. Porter)

New Music. Jon Connor. 2014 XXL Freshmen Class. https://twitter.com/JonConnorMusic

Buckshot & P-Money - ‘Flute’ (ft. Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly)

New single from Buckshot & P-Money’s ‘BackPack Travels’ album, out June 24th on Dawn Raid / Dirty Records / Duck Down Music.

“Flute” features Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly of Pro Era.

Fans can pre-order the album at iTunes today and instantly download the “Flute” single. The album is only $8.99 for the pre-order period - http://bit.ly/1gMlTPd

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Yo$hwa - Blue Garments

Produced by Ckeelay.

1st single to The J Rich Story by Yo$hwa.